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Thistle & Weed: The Chenin Era – Nearly a decade of Notes and Nods

We know all too well that Chenin Blanc once had a 'bad reputation' as a high-yielding prolific bearer. But with quality clones now in the ground, the narrative has shifted over the past 20 years. Much like pop music’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift's latest double album drop, South Africa’s darling of the wine world is gripping the world's attention.

This month, Thistle & Weed is hitting a high note with the release of our eagerly anticipated 2023 Chenin Blancs. All three cultivars—Duwweltjie, Brandnetel, and Springdoring—tell their own tales, and pair pretty perfectly with a Swiftie era. Consider it your playlist for the palate! 

From Steph, Our Winemaker and Long-Time Swiftie:

"In my journey through the world of wine, I find myself in my Chenin Blanc era, reminiscent of Taylor Swift's musical phases. As I prepare to release the eagerly anticipated 2023 Chenin Blanc, I'm inspired by Swift's knack for reinvention with each album, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of Chenin Blanc. Just as Taylor’s fans await her next release, I'm excited to share the fruits of this vintage—a Chenin Blanc that embodies its terroir and the spirit of exploration."

Duwweltjie Chenin Blanc – ‘Echoes of Love’

From our first batch to the glass in your hand, Duwweltjie has always encapsulated the spirit of beginnings and blossoming. Much like Taylor Swift's "Lover," this wine is an anthem to the light-hearted days and vibrant moments. Bursting with peach and citrus in every sip, Duwweltjie is your perfect companion for both the sunny highs and the cloudy lows.

Brandnetel Chenin Blanc – Vibes of ‘1989’

Brandnetel steps boldly into the spotlight, mirroring the transformative vibe of Swift’s '1989.' This wine, with its delicate dance of quince and white peach topped with a lemon-zip finish, embodies the joy of discovery and the thrill of fresh perspectives. Here’s to the trials of terroirs, showcasing how each vineyard sings its own unique tune.

Springdoring Chenin Blanc – Whispers of ‘Folklore’

In the rugged terrain of Swartland, our Springdoring vines cling with resilience, much like the haunting tales of Swift's ‘Folklore.’ This wine, with its grapefruit notes and crystalline finish, tells a story of endurance and evolution. It’s a reflection on the narratives we hold dear, the tales told around fire-lit rooms and beneath starry skies.

We're nearing a decade of crafting stories in a bottle, just like Taylor Swift rewrites her musical chapters. As we celebrate her double album release, let's raise a glass to the soundtracks of our lives!

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