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Purple Velvet in a Glass: Introducing Our New P. Jackson Cape Vintage

As the crisp winter nights draw in, there's nothing quite like curling up with a glass of something rich, velvety and intensely flavoured to sip slowly by the fire. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest limited release - 'P. Jackson' Cape Late-Bottled Vintage.

The inspiration for the name of this decadent fortified wine came from an unlikely source - the invasive Port Jackson tree species that we use for firewood here in South Africa. We love the idea of taking something unwanted and creating warmth and cosiness from it - just what we hope this fortified wine will bring. The 'P. Jackson's name also pays homage to the origins of traditional Port wine, which can only be named as such if it's produced in the Porto region of Portugal. 

Our Cape Late-Bottled Vintage is crafted from some very special parcels of Touriga Franca, Souzao and Tinta Barocca grapes grown in Stellenbosch - the same vineyards that supply fruit for our flagship Nastergal red blend. In 2020, these grape varieties accumulated sugar at an astonishingly rapid rate as they ripened on the vines. We made the decision to let them hang a little longer, using the resulting concentrated juice to create this fortified version. After fortification, the wine was aged in barrels for nearly four years, allowing the flavours to meld and become incredibly rich and complex.

The result is a velvet-cloaked, silky wine that we feel reflects the decadence of a Port-style wine. On the nose, you'll be greeted by red and blackberry aromas. On the palate, those luscious fruit flavours merge with enticing sweet spice notes on a seemingly endless finish.

We've made just 1,200 375ml bottles of 'P. Jackson' - a modest size that provides the perfect amount to share after a meal without any guilt about re-corking and trying to preserve what's left. Each bottle is hand-corked, waxed and labelled, making them a beautiful keepsake. A shout-out to the wonderful team at Archival Design, who have created a stunning label for which we want to wallpaper our cellar.

While 'P. Jackson' can be cellared for 5-10 years if you're disciplined enough to resist it, in our opinion, it's ready to uncork and savour tonight. Pour a glass to sip solo as a delicious after-dinner indulgence, or pair it with a fine chunk of cheese or a block of chocolate after a meal.

A limited vintage release, there's no telling when the stars will align to allow us to recreate it again. 

That’s why we’re excited to feature 'P. Jackson' in our upcoming winter tastings. There’s no better way to warm up than with a sweet surprise. Remember, our tasting room is open Thursday to Saturday, and booking is essential. 

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